Kellaway goes where they’ve never gone before

Kellaway have recently acquired a Vehicle Mountable Forklift Truck (VMFT) and are now able to offer delivery to even the most inaccessible sites.

The VMFT is a portable forklift truck that is mounted onto the back of a 26T curtain sided vehicle. The benefit of this is the forklift can drive quite a way from the vehicle with the load, so just because you have ordered bulky or heavy goods and can’t fit a 26T vehicle onto site, doesn’t mean you can’t have them delivered on your doorstep.

To make use of this new service, speak to your local branch or Kellaway representative today.

Early Spring Garden Projects

Clear Drainage Ditches

Leaves and all sorts of debris gather in drainage areas over the winter, so now’s the time to sort them out. Spring seedlings do best in soil that drains well, and this is the easiest time of year for clearing drainage ditches because not much is growing yet.

Put all the cleared material, into the compost if you have one, but if not, put it in your green bin.

Repair Any Raised Bed

Wet winter soil is bound to put a strain on your raised beds, so any bowed or leaning sides should be fixed now. Dig back the soil behind the bowed side and drive in new stakes on the inside of the sideboards with a slight inward lean. Push sideboards up to stakes and fasten well with screws or nails.

Fix Fencing and Trellises

On the same note, any fencing or trellises should be fixed now, with less growth to work around and fewer roots to disturb.

Add a Squeeze of Lime

Soils with a pH below 6.2 will benefit from the addition of lime. With ground limestone it will take twice as long for plants to feel the benefit so ideally, lime should be added several weeks before planting anything. It’s best to plan this for a dry spell to prevent run off and avoid “quick limes” that might damage your planting.


Any weeds appearing in your garden beds will be easiest to pull now, when the roots are shallow.

Prune Your (not so) Greenery

Once new growth begins, it becomes difficult to prune greenery without damaging the plant. New growth will quickly replace the culled foliage.