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Dumpy Bag Grit Sand

• High-quality grit sand suitable for a variety of construction and landscaping projects.
• Comes in a convenient dumpy bag for easy transportation and storage.
• Ideal for laying paving, creating a smooth surface for driveways, and levelling uneven ground.
• Durable and long-lasting, providing excellent traction in slippery conditions.
• Available for quick delivery or collection
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Contains a minimum of 750kg, but you should always allow for 1 tonne when lifting.

Sharp sand, known for its coarser grains and low clay content, is ideal for supporting flagstones, concrete slabs, and paving stones. It's used both in construction for concrete mixing and in horticulture to improve soil drainage and aeration, especially in clay-heavy soils. This sand is part of potting mixes to prevent root rot by ensuring better drainage. Its angular grains make it unsuitable for playgrounds but valuable for its environmental friendliness and sustainability in construction and gardening applications.

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Picture of 100mm Concrete Block 10N

100mm Concrete Block 10N

• 100mm concrete block suitable for various construction projects
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Dumpy Bag Type 1 Sub Base

• Sub-base formed from crushed concrete.
• Made up of hard stone, sand and other material such as limestone, gritstone and granite.
• Provides a strong foundation for drives, paths, patios, roads and building bases.
• Type 1 sub-base assists drainage for use under artificial lawns – perfect for homes with a pet or with bad drainage.
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