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Fillcrete 100mm Brickfill Movement Joint Roll

BRICKFILL S is for movement joints in brick and blockwork, supplied in individually wrapped pre-cut rolls.
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Brickfill S is the leading brand of expansion jointing material for movement joints in brick and blockwork. It is a low resistance joint filler, manufactured from high quality closed cell polyethylene and has been specifically designed and developed for all clay fired brickwork, calcium silicate brickwork, and blockwork. BRICKFILL S is a low resistance cellular polyethylene expansion joint filler specifically designed for brick and blockwork which fully meets the recommendations of PD 6697:2019 Recommendations for the design of masonry structures to BS EN 1996-1-1 and BS EN 1996-2. The relevant passage states: The material for filling movement joints to accommodate expansion should be easily compressible to approximately 50% of its original thickness. Flexible cellular polyurethane, cellular polyethylene or foam rubbers are satisfactory materials.” Hemp, fibreboard, cork and similar materials should NOT be used for expansion joints in clay brick masonry, but may be used for contraction joints in calcium silicate and concrete masonry. BRICKFILL S is ideal for all fired-clay brickwork, calcium silicate brickwork and concrete blockwork applications. It can also be used in poured concrete applications where either a straight joint or contoured profile is required.
Products specifications
Coverage 1 Square Meter
Length 10000 mm
Pack Size 1
Thickness 10 mm
Volume 0.01 Cubic Meter
Width 100 mm
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