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ProDec Synthetic Slant Cut Lining Fitch Set

Manufacturer: Rodo Group Ltd
These slant cut fitch brushes are made from 100% synthetic filaments for smooth paint application and cut to an angled profile for the optimum surface contact angle, giving precision and control. They are ideal anywhere that precise paint application is required or access is tricky, including touching up small scuffs, detail work such as window frames or around switches and sockets, narrow spots such as tight or recessed corners and awkward spots such as cabinets or behind pipework. Suitable for all paint types including emulsions, gloss and satin, as well as woodstains and varnishes, the synthetic filaments make achieving a sharper painting or cutting line easier than pure bristle and the narrow fitch head enables this without the need for masking tape. The head is balanced with a long, flat, lightweight wooden handle, making the brush easy to use and manipulate.
SKU: MD01341
Availability: In stock
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• Set of 4 flat fitch brushes made from 100% synthetic filament for smooth paint application with ultimate control • 0.25", 0.5", 0.75" and 1" sizes suitable for all decorative paint types • Slant cut head for optimum surface contact angle • Many uses including detail work, touching up and painting window frames, edges, corners, awkward, narrow and hard to reach spots • Rust-resistant, stainless steel ferrule balanced with a long flat wooden handle
Products specifications
Gross Weight 0.07 kg
Height 10 mm
Length 340 mm
Pack Size 4
Volume 0.000408 Cubic Meter
Width 120 mm
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